Meet Khristen

Hi, I’m Khristen, a career educator with 10+ years of teaching career and technical education (technology and engineering), teacher leader, a former mentor/coach for new CTE teachers in my district, an aspiring administrator, wife to a CTE teacher (welding), and a mom of three.

Like many career and technical education teachers, I went into teaching being passionate about a certain area and even a specific course–but I quickly found out that in order to have a full-time teaching job, I needed to teach several other courses–which was overwhelming. I was so busy planning for sub-par classes. I even had my principal ask me after an evaluation, “would you take your class?” that first year of teaching.

Over the years, I realized that I was working my tail off to maintain that terrible schedule. People generally say that your first year of teaching is so difficult (which it is), but I kept wondering why it wasn’t getting any easier by year three. What was I doing wrong? I was waiting for my fairy god-mother, magical master-scheduler, or student recruiter to swoop in and minimize my course load to allow me to teach what I truly wanted to teach–but that never happened. I decided that if I didn’t want to burn out (or leave teaching), I needed to figure out a way to increase my enrollment in the courses that I wanted to teach, and that was through building and fostering relationships. What I learned–and continue to learn–is what I want to share with you each week. So please, subscribe and join me for the next “On Your Prep” episode.

You don?t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar

Our Mission

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