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Meet Khristen

Hi, I’m Khristen, your CTE strategist!

When I started teaching I was SO excited! The school year seemed to be going well until it was time for course requests.

That first year my numbers were low. So low that I had to stack preps so that I was teaching multiple classes at the same time. 

Year four took me to a new school in a new district. I restarted a shut-down program.

I offered a bunch of classes hoping students would sign up. Too many options meant nothing stuck.

I had to split my time between two schools–for the next two years.

Exhausted and torn between two schools, I didn’t feel like I belonged to either faculty. 

The overwhelm started to take over. I wanted to teach my students, but I also wanted to spend time with our little family when I was away from school.

I realized that I needed to be more strategic when it came to recruiting for my program. 

I created a plan, built relationships with stakeholders, and increased my program visibility. I focused on those courses that I wanted to teach.

I went from teaching nine preps during the year, to three–all at one school. 

Not only was I teaching what I wanted, but enrollment increased for the program. We hired two more teachers to fill the needs of the students for those other courses.

Now I’m here to help you design your ideal career in teaching. We combine skilled content knowledge with effective teaching practices so you can impact our future workforce.