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Parent Communication 101

In this mini-class, you’ll learn a basic script for calling home, how to adjust the script for your introduction call (before concerns arise), how to celebrate students, and tips for keeping ongoing communication simple. You’ll also get a digital parent communication log that can be used for multiple class periods. (I see you, my secondary-teacher friend.)

Plan Out Your Course Blueprint

A time-saving blueprint (with templates) for planning your new course during contract hours (so you can enjoy your time outside of school guilt-free)…even if you’re not a content area “expert”.



“Set in Order” Your Classroom

A mini-course that goes beyond decluttering to help you create systems based on a method used in manufacturing. It combines what works in industry and what works in the secondary classroom.

The Ultimate Secondary Teaching Toolkit

Streamline your secondary teaching with this comprehensive toolkit. Plan classes, implement systems, and maximize planning time. Perfect for multiple prep teachers.



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