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Whether you’re looking for tips from the CTE teacher perspective, want to learn how to market and increase enrollment through social media, or want to find ways of balancing life while still enjoying teaching, the following are some places to start.

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Get tips and go behind the scenes of my education and increasing enrollment experiences so that you can stay motivated and inspired on your teaching journey.

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Prefer to listen to podcasts? Check out the On Your Prep Podcast where weekly episodes discuss teaching CTE, increasing enrollment, and how to balance your life and teaching.

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I help CTE teachers like you create their ideal teaching schedule without relying on others to make it happen.

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  • You are a CTE teacher who wants to apply best teaching practices in your classroom/lab/shop
  • You are a CTE teacher looking for systems to help make teaching more sustainable and easier
  • You are a CTE teacher overwhelmed with too many preps and would like to lesson your teaching load
  • You are a CTE teacher who needs to market their program but doesn’t know how


How do you cover all the standards in such a short amount of time?

The Workbook for Determining Essential Standards helps you narrow down your standards to 8-10 per course, per semester–which will greatly reduce the amount of stress that comes with attempting to “cover it all.”

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Are you spread thin by teaching multiple preps each day?

The Recruiting Road Map will get you started on the path from stress and overwhelm to creating the career and technical education program that contains only the classes you truly want to teach.

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