Ready to KEEP your classroom uncluttered?

If you’re spending most of your prep sorting through things on your desk, you’re always reminding students where things go, keep scrolling...

Can we get real for a second, my always busy teacher?

If I took a peek around your classroom space right now would I find:

It’s not like you want your classroom space to look and feel this way.

You work really hard at preparing for your students, you’ve bought all the containers to create a “Pinterest” worthy classroom, and you tried to Marie Kondo your space and asked yourself if your dry-erase markers “brought you joy.”

But I’m here to tell you, it’s not your fault. 

You see, those things weren’t made for multi-prep career and technical education teachers like us, who enjoy teaching students with hands-on projects that usually require many tools and a variety of supplies. They weren’t made for those who want the best of both worlds–to teach what we love and still enjoy our friends and family outside of school hours.

Which is why you need a system that’s motivating enough to get you started organizing your classroom, set up by someone who gets what it’s like to teach multiple preps in a CTE classroom.

Introducing: “Set in Order” Your Classroom Mini-Course

A mini-course that goes beyond decluttering to help you create systems based on a method used in manufacturing. It combines what works in industry and what works in the secondary classroom.

Grab the Mini-course for


Have we met?

I'm Khristen.

A career educator with 10+ years of teaching career and technical education (technology and engineering), teacher leader, a former mentor/coach for new CTE teachers in my district, an aspiring administrator, wife to a CTE teacher (welding), and a mom of three.

Like many career and technical education teachers, I went into teaching being passionate about a certain area and even a specific course–but I quickly found out that in order to have a full-time teaching job, I needed to teach several other courses–which was overwhelming. I was so busy planning for sub-par classes.

I went from teaching nine preps to three. It took time, a lot of strategy in recruiting and promoting my program, improving my teaching (so students loved my classes), and building relationships. 

I was able to leave school (when I was contracted to), love teaching again, and spend my time at home playing with my littles guilt-free.

I want that for you too.

“When I first started teaching CTE, I had no experience in teaching and was starting a new program for the district. Khristen’s constant guidance (and I really mean constant) helped me build a program that’s bursting at the seams with enrollment and the highest test scores in the state, all without burning myself out or being saturated with preps, grading, etc.” 

– Mark H., Aviation Teacher


“When I was a brand new teacher, Khristen was the best support. I had 4 preps and no curriculum and started the week before school started. She was there to help me figure out the things like how to take attendance, put in grades, how to get a sub, etc. all of the things that you just think a teacher already knows. She was a huge help!!! And we became great friends!!!”

– Natalie G., Health Sciences Teacher

Questions smart people ask before getting their login info:

As long as the course is up and running, it is yours. As new content and bonuses are added, you get it all. If the price goes up, you don’t pay any extra. This means you can come back to it if your classroom situation or space changes.

I’d love to tell you that if you watch or listen to all the trainings, and sleep with the PDFs under your pillow, that your life will magically change for the better, requiring no work on your part, but that’s not even close to the truth. There is some work that you’ll have to do, but no more than you are already doing. You will have to commit a bit of time to watching, learning and then implementing, but remember that you can go as slowly or quickly as you like. You can apply the principles and strategies to a small part of your space or your entire lab/shop/classroom–it’s up to you.

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