Coming up in February is CTE Month. This is a great chance to showcase and celebrate your program though CTE month social media posts.

Wouldn’t it be nice to not worry about whether or not you have a full-time teaching schedule next year?

Not only that, wouldn’t it be nice to get to choose which classes you get to teach instead of be told?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to focus on teaching rather than recruiting?

That’s what I want for you. So, today I wanted to give you a behind the scenes look at to how we are planning for February’s CTE month social media posts.

Jared, my welding-teaching husband, so graciously lets me help him plan what he’s going to post during CTE month.

Check out the Ultimate Guide on How to Use Social Media Marketing to Promote Your School Program for more information on how to get started.

Here’s the notes from our 1:1 Visibility Strategy Session:

Start by Reviewing Existing CTE Month Social Media Posts (if you have it)

First, we reviewed his “insights” and reflected to see what is working. 

We did take a screen shot of last year’s February as well as look at the last 90 days. His current followers (mostly current and former students) are engaging the most with quotes about working hard, video with students working in the shop, and facts about the need for welders in the workforce.

Check the Calendar for Social Media “Celebrations”

Next, we looked at the month of February and wrote in his program-related dates. 

We noted SkillsUSA week since he is an advisor and has had his welding fabrication team attend Nationals for the last several years. There wasn’t any other specific dates for him to focus on in February, but we did note that National Welding Month is April.

Choose Social Media Features for Each Day of the Week

After that, we decided on daily features that he wanted to focus on each week. 

He wants to do a senior spotlight where he highlights a senior that he’s had for all three years. He also wants to highlight some of his former students in a “Where are they now?” feature.

Find What You Can Reuse and Repurpose

Then, we started gathering old content for reposting. 

We looked at photos, videos, quotes, stats, and captions that he used in the past that received a lot of engagement. Before we create anything new, we will plug in everything that we want to reuse. We already know that it performed well, and no one cares (or remembers) that he’s posted it before.

Create Content to Fill in the Gaps

Finally, we made a short list of the “homework” he needs to do. 

After filling in the reused content, there were a few holes to fill where he needed to take pictures of video. He doesn’t yet have pictures of his seniors, so he was going to take those photos create and collect a survey from them. Everything else is getting recycled.

In Summary

Creating and using CTE month social media posts is a great way to highlight your program. But, make it easy on yourself by finding out what has worked in the past, designate specific “feature” days, and reuse what you already have.

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