As a multiple prep teacher, it can be easy to fall into a pattern of making the same mistakes over and over again. Understanding how to use time management for teachers can help you handle and overload and reduce the overwhelm.

Mistake #1: Planning Each Class Separately

When planning for the week, it’s easy to focus on one class period or content area at a time without considering what’s happening in your other classes. (It’s what we were taught, right?) This can lead to a ton of assignments or projects due on the same day, or starting units all on the same day, resulting in a lot of prep work for particular days. A time management nightmare 😬.

To avoid this mistake, make sure you have an idea of what’s happening in all of your classes when planning. This can be done on a term basis or week by week, but the important thing is to have a format that allows you to see what’s happening in all of your different classes to make your life easier.

Mistake #2: Second Guessing Your Ideas

It’s natural to wonder if there’s a better way to teach a concept or standard, but spending too much time second-guessing your initial ideas can be a problem. This is because once you start, you may find yourself going down the rabbit hole, and your planning period or prep time is gone before you know it. This is probably the biggest time management issue that most teachers face.

The solution is to trust your first idea and give it a try. Your initial idea may not be the best idea, but you won’t know that until you try it out. Spending a lot of time looking at what other people are doing will not actually improve your lesson, and may make you more behind because you lost out on that prep time.

Mistake #3: Not Being Realistic About Your Time

As a multiple prep teacher, it’s important to be realistic about the amount of time you have available. This means not taking on too many extra responsibilities or projects, and being mindful of the amount of time you’re spending on each task.

To avoid this mistake, set realistic expectations for yourself and stick to them. Prioritize your tasks and focus on what’s most important. And, if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, take a step back and reassess your schedule.

Mistake #4: Not Asking for Help

As a multiple prep teacher, it’s easy to feel like you have to do everything on your own. But the truth is, asking for help can make a big difference. This can be help from other teachers, a mentor, or even a student aide.

To avoid this mistake, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Remember, you don’t have to do it all on your own.

In Summary

As a multiple prep teacher, it’s important to be aware of the common mistakes that can be made and how to avoid them. By being mindful of your time, planning effectively, trusting your initial ideas, and not being afraid to ask for help, you can not only survive but thrive as a multiple prep teacher.

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